Use product supplier info for customers too

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Technical name product_supplierinfo_for_customer
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License: AGPL-3

Use product supplier info also for customers

This modules allows to use supplier info structure, available in Procurements tab of the product form, also for defining customer information, allowing to define prices per customer and product.


For these prices to be used in sale prices calculations, you will have to create a pricelist with a rule with option "Based on" with the value "Supplier prices on the product form" (although the text is not clear enough).


There's a new section on Sales tab of the product form called "Customers", where you can define records for customers with the same structure of the suppliers.

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The product code / product name specified for the customer can be reflected on the sale orders using module product_supplierinfo_for_customer_sale

Known issues / Roadmap

  • Product prices through this method are only guaranteed on the standard sale order workflow. Other custom flows maybe don't reflect the price.
  • The minimum quantity will not also be applied on sale orders.
  • Computed fields in product.supplierinfo object won't properly work for customer type



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