Delivery Fraktjakt

v 8.0 Third Party 25
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Technical name delivery_fraktjakt
Required Apps Warehouse Management (stock)
Sales Management (sale)
eInvoicing (account)
Online Billing (account_voucher)
License: AGPL-3

Integrate Fraktjakt with your delivery process in Warehouse.
Fraktjakt is a TMS-system that let you compare transport products from several Carriers.

This module add a new button, Fraktjakt Transport Query, on your delivery order, under tab "Additional information" and "Carrier Information". The button is shown when a carrier marked as a Fraktjakt-carrier-product is choosen. If you choose a none Frakjakt carrier, then the rules for that Carrier will apply.

Start with a transport query. Choose what product suits your needs. Its possible to add special requirements for the search. You can check your packages and there change weight and add/remove packages for the Transport order. Under the tab "Booking", its possible to send special information to the Carrier, like pick up date, driver instructions and notes that will be added to the final transport documents.

Information about the shipping order are added to the delivery order.

If you want to minimize the interactions on Fraktjakt-site you can order monthly invoincing, instead of paying each transport individually. You need to register an account at Fraktjakt.

To Dos

  • Automatic print of transport documents
  • Export
  • Reversed orders for rebounds

Install web_tree_image, for better image display in the Transport Query.

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