Address Consolidation

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Technical name address_consolidation

Customer address consolidation

easy and effective.

In most cases invoices are legally not allowed to be changed after they have been confirmed.

Prevents delayed payments resulting from address issues.

Consolidate addresses

Legal document compliance.

The original address on the documents is preserved on:

  • Sales order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Picking slip

Your delivery process will be not be hampered by address issues.

Consolidate addresses

This module will consolidate the original address for the following documents:

  • Sales invoice
  • Purchase invoice
  • Sales order
  • Picking slip

After changing the address of the partner after a document has been created, the original address will be retained on the document. This may be required by local legislation or law.

No configuration is needed for this module.

We advise to only use this module for new installations. Please contact us if you want to implement this module on a live Odoo system.

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