Multi-Company Financial Statements Module

v 7.0 Third Party 30
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Technical name elico_multi_company_financial_statements
Required Apps eInvoicing (account)

Multi-Company Financial Statements Module:

This module adds the the following functionalities:
  • Multi-Company Income Statement (with IFRS breakdown)
  • Multi-Company Statement Of Financial Position (with IFRS breakdown)


The following fields have been added to account_account_type table:
level1: used for the 1st level accounting classification (IFRS/US-GAAP compliant account types).
Asset Liability Equity Income Expense
level2: 2nd level accounting classification (necessary mostly for Gross Profit report in Income Statement report) .
Receivable Cash Inventory Other Current Assets Lands and Properties Accumulated Depreciations Intangible Assets Other Assets Payable Tax Payable Other Current Liabilities Equities
current: this boolean is used to indicate current/non-current account status.
current: has impact only in current year. non-current: has impact even beyond current year.
operating: this boolean is used to indicate operating/non-operating account status.
operating: related to core operations of the company. non-operating: not related to core operations of the company.

sequence: sorting field


Additional Financial Accounts setup to be done after module is implemented for correct reports. ACCOUNT TYPE

  • Set up 'current' (default: True) flags for account only within the current period.
  • Set up 'operating' (default: True) flags for account concerning usual company operations.
  • Set up level 1 for correct IFRS account type split (Income/Expenses/Liabilities/assets/Equities).
  • Set up level2 attributes if more split details are required.
  • Set up the correct user_type (account_account_type).
  • For Income Statement : the level2 attribute is used to calculate cumulative totals based on sequence numbers
  • Signs on the reports are calculated based on the report_type field ("P&L / BS Category")
  • An example of hierarchy is given for level 1 and level 2. Those levels can be amended in the menu Account Report Attribute.


  • Choose the company and the periods for the report (Company must be a child of user's company)
  • Allow to compare 2 periods.
  • Allow to choose 5 custom levels for breakdown (level 1, level 2, user_type, operating and current)
  • Allow to create reports with/without cumulative totals (needed anyway for Gross Profit report)


  • Create a report allowing to print a Income Statement of a closed period based on the closing journal of a period.
  • Create multi-company Accounting Budget and incorporate to reporting.


First Data loading is incorrect and must corrected through OpoenERP client or PGAdmin: - the parent company is assigned by default instead of the user's company - the existing user_type level 1 and level 2 are left without default value


Uninstall process can fail if some imported user_type are still assigned to accounts when the uninstall process is launch: so first change the user_type to a new value and launch uninstall process.

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