Supplier Tax Invoice Info

v 7.0 Third Party 106
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Technical name account_taxinvoice_info
Required Apps Purchase Management
Sales Management
Warehouse Management
eInvoicing & Payments
Included Dependencies

This module add new tax invoice information into Supplier Invoice. In case, there are difference in base and tax amount, user can check "Adjust Tax Invoice information for VAT report", which will open new tab "Tax Invoice Info".

User can then enter the base and tax amount exactly as what received by supplier.

Note: Anything from this module will merely relate to reporting purposes (report to revenue department).

Note 2:

On 8 August 14, N&L conclude that this module is not applicable. By using standard, we can adjust tax and account can be posted already. For base amount, user need to do manual adjustment in line price him/herself.

In summary, simply use standard.

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