Account Period Sum

v 6.1 Third Party 1055
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Technical name chricar_account_period_sum
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Required Apps Accounting and Finance (account_accountant)
eInvoicing (account)
Included Dependencies

This module adds period sums for moves_lines of account_moves with state posted

  • balance carried forward is calculated for all subsequent fiscal years no account_move_lines are generated for these sums these sums always represent the balance of the preceding fiscal year.
  • on creation of new fiscal years -> balance carried forward
  • on change of deferral_method in general accounts it's subject to another check if and when changes of this field are allowed. IMHO not if at least one fiscal year is closed.
  • the name of fiscal years not ending on Dec 31st is year-period (YYYY-MM) of the end of the fiscal year
  • for every fiscal year beginning in the same calendar year a period sum with the name YYYY00 will be created, but associated to the correct fiscal year.
  • the period sums will be deleted if the matching account_periods are deleted.
  • fast webkit report "account chart enhanced", showing
    • opening balance
    • debit,credit, balance of current year / selected periods
    • balance of previous year / selected periods
    • balance diff and diff %
    • word wrap of long account names
  • many options to select what to print
    • remarks:
      • this report will also work unchanged but slower if the used functions fields are not calculated based on account_period_sum but on account_move_lines
      • using function fields based on account_move_lines will allow to have other selection options found in the original chart of accounts, but seems not to be essential for accounting
  • standardizes account_period name generation to comply with this naming.

OpenERP needs Closing the fiscal year to show correct balances.

This module introduces a special journal is_opening_balance. All moves of this journal will not be added to the period sum because there is a special period yyyy00 which is automatically and permanently updated with the opening balance. If opening balance already exists, it is necessary to install this module, mark the journal as "Is Opening Balance Journal" and update the module to get correct period sums.

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