Backend debranding

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Technical name web_debranding
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0 v 9.0 v 8.0
Included Dependencies
Technical name web_debranding
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0 v 9.0 v 8.0
Included Dependencies
License: LGPL-3

Backend debranding

Removes references to

  1. (feature is not required in 12.0+ versions)

  2. Replaces "Odoo" in page title

  3. Replaces "Odoo" in help message for empty list.

    Some list views has word Odoo when search return empty result. E.g. search random string at menu [[ Settings ]] >> Users & Companies >> Companies that return empty result -- it has Odoo word

    Create and manage the companies that will be managed by Odoo from here. Shops or subsidiaries can be created and maintained from here.

  4. (feature is not required in 9.0+ versions)

  5. Deletes Documentation, Support, My account; adds Developer mode, Developer mode (with assets) links to the top right-hand User Menu.

  6. (feature is not required in 11.0+ versions)

  7. Replaces "Odoo" in Dialog Box

    E.g. try to remove Administrator via menu [[ Settings ]] >> Users & Companies >> Users. It will show warning

    You can not remove the admin user as it is used internally for resources created by Odoo (updates, module installation, ...)

  8. Replaces "Odoo" in strings marked for translation.

    This provides a big part of debranding. You can find examples at menu [[ Settings ]] >> General Settings:

    Use external pads in Odoo Notes

    Extract and analyze Odoo data from Google Spreadsheet

    Full list of debranded phrases can be found at menu [[ Settings ]] >> Translations >> Application Terms (You may need to click Generate Missing Terms first).

  9. Replaces default favicon to a custom one

  10. Hides Apps menu. By default, only superuser can see Apps menu. You can change it via setting Apps access in a user form.

  11. Disables server requests to (publisher_warranty_url) - optional. Works only for non-enterprise versions of odoo, check note below.

  12. (feature is a part of p.5)

  13. Deletes Share block and branded parts of other blocks at [[ Settings ]] >> Dashboard

  14. (feature is not required in 12.0+ versions)

  15. (feature is not required in 12.0+ versions)

  16. Deletes "Odoo" in a request message for permission desktop notifications (yellow block at Discuss page). Replaces "Odoo" and icon in desktop notifications

  17. [ENTERPRISE] Deletes odoo logo in application switcher

  18. Hides Enterprise features in Settings

  19. Replaces "Odoo" in all backend qweb templates

    This provides a big part of debranding. You can find examples in any tree view if you click [Import] button (e.g. at menu [[ Settings ]] >> Users & Companies >> Users), then paste next code in browser javascript console: $('.oe_import_with_file').removeClass('d-none').siblings('.o_view_nocontent').hide().parent().find('.oe_import_noheaders.text-muted').show()

    If the file contains the column names, Odoo can try auto-detecting the field corresponding to the column. This makes imports simpler especially when the file has many columns.

  20. Replaces "" in hints, examples, etc.

    For example, when you create new company it shows placeholder for field Website


  21. Renames "OdooBot" to "Bot". Use company's logo as bot avatar

    To receive a message from the Bot open menu [[ Discuss ]] >> CHANNELS >> #general and send /help to the chat.

  22. [ENTERPRISE] Replaces icons for mobile devices with custom url

  23. Replaces links to documentation (e.g. "Help" in Import tool, "How-to" in paypal, etc.) to custom website

  24. (feature is not required in 12.0+ versions)

  25. (feature is not required in 12.0+ versions)


By default the module replaces "Odoo" to "Software". To configure module openf [[ Settings ]] >> Technical >> Parameters >> System Parameters and modify

  • web_debranding.new_title (put space in value if you don't need Brand in Title)
  • web_debranding.new_name (your Brand)
  • web_debranding.new_website (your website)
  • web_debranding.new_documentation_website (website with documentation instead of official one)
  • web_debranding.favicon_url
  • web_debranding.send_publisher_warranty_url - set 0 to disable server requests to and 1 otherwise (useful for enterprise contractors). Works only for non-enterprise versions of odoo, check note below.
  • web_debranding.icon_url - icon for mobile devices. recommended size :192x192
  • web_debranding.apple_touch_icon_url - icon for IOS Safari. recommended size :152x152

Note. More user friendly way to configure the module is available in Brand Kit.

Further debranding

  • open addons/mail/data/mail_data.xml and edit Template "Notification Email" -- delete "using Odoo"
  • open addons/website_livechat/data/website_livechat_data.xml and edit in "im_livechat_channel_data_website" record string
  • install website_debranding module if module "Website Builder" is installed in your system
  • install pos_debranding module if module "POS" is installed in your system
  • delete " Accounts" record at Settings\Users & Companies\OAuth Providers if module "OAuth2 Authentication" is installed in your system
  • to debrand /web/database/manager:
    • edit addons/web/views/database_manager.html file:
      • delete or modify <title> tag
      • delete or modify favicon
      • delete or modify <img> tag with logo2.png
      • delete or modify warning <div class="alert alert-warning">Warning, your Odoo database ...</div>
      • delete or modify <small class="text-muted">To enhance your experience, some data may be sent to Odoo online services. See our <a href="">Privacy Policy</a>.</small>
      • delete or modify <p class="form-text">In order to avoid conflicts between databases, Odoo needs ...</p>

Auto-debrand new databases

To automatically install this module for every new databases set 'auto_install': True in files of following modules:

  • web_debranding
  • ir_rule_protected
  • access_restricted
  • access_apps
  • access_settings_menu
  • mail (built-in)
  • base_setup (built-in)
  • bus (built-in)

Tested on Odoo 12.0 e774b2cb1c29fdd407aedc1f5c959d9725d2b514

Enterprise users notice


  • You can also use our new extended Brand Kit module to brand your odoo instance and create your theme in few clicks.

Backend debranding

For installation and configuration instructions see README.rst


  • Open Odoo
  • RESULT: All reference to Odoo are gone in UI

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Not Working this funtions Odoo 12
by on

User->Access Rights->Technical Settings (activate Debug mode in the upper right corner). Not working I already made that basic and logical step I report it for the same reason these options do not work on the list These options are free in the community but when you install your module it disables them and it does not allow me to select or activate them because the module disables the check List options Lost Delivery packages Notices Variants and Options Measurement units Product packaging Lots and serial numbers Shipping Storage locations Multi-warehouse Multi-stage routes

bug inventory odoo12
by on

in inventory settings many options are lost from the version community remains to disable. In odoo12 I lost 9 options

Bug Odoo12
by on

the module has an error when installing it, it disables inventory adjustment options and it is not possible to mark them as well as other settings are lost This in Odoo12

Re: Bug Odoo12
by on

Thank you for your feedback! There are expected warning in logs. If it's not the case, please send your screenshot to The module does remove enterprise settings from odoo because those are links to odoo website and purpose of the module is deleting all references to odoo. If you think that some settings are deleted by mistake, send us details to the email above