POS Rounding Payment

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v 12.0 Third Party 2

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Technical name pos_rounding_payment
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Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Auto Rounding Payment for Point of Sales
with multiple rounding methodologies

When making the payment with Cash, sometimes we need to round the payment amount to fit with the actual payment from the customers (Customer sometimes cannot pay exactly the number shown in the payment screen because the order is applied with a percent discount) This app works with Point of Sales module to support auto rounding the payment amount with multiple method. The payment rounding can be configured in each payment method to be more flexible (Some payment methods do not require the amount to be rounded, for example: credit card, bank transfer, etc)

Module Feature:

Payment Rounding can be easily configured in each payment method (Journal). A note that this option can only be shown in Point of Sale Payment method (Use in Point of Sale is ticked)


Rounding method: The methodology applied for rounding (Check the Support Multiple Rounding methodologies part) 
Rounding factor: The minimal currency unit applied for rounded. For example, if we accept 50 cents coin as the minimum unit, the rounding factor will be 0.05.
Journal for Diff Amount: Config the journal used for recording the different amount.
Show Journal on Payment: to show or not to show the Journal for Diff amount on Payment screen.


  • This app support 4 rounding methods includes:
    - Rounding Up: Always rounding up based on the rounding factor.
    - Rounding Down: Always rounding down based on the rounding factor.
    - Rounding Off (Priority: Up): Round off the amount based on the Rounding factor. In case the value is in the middle of rounding up and down, rounding up will take the higher priority.
    - Rounding Off (Priority: Down): Round off the amount based on the Rounding factor. In case the value is in the middle of rounding up and down, rounding down will take the higher priority.

    Initial ValueRounding UpRounding DownRounding Off (Priority: Up)Rounding Off (Priority: Down)

Example of how the payment amount is rounded


Rounding applied for Cash

Credit card payment can be configured not to apply the rounding

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Excellent Module
by on

This is the only module that worked without any trouble at all! I bought and tested other two modules similar to this and this is the only one that worked without doing any change! Easy to configure and easy to use! Thanks!

Re: Excellent Module
by on

Thanks for purchasing :)

Question about this module
by on

Hi, can this module work with others or only works fine without other modules? I have a pos invoice module. Thanks Regards,

Re: Question about this module
by on

Hi Ricardo Zayola, Basically this module has been implemented to work fine with other modules by implementing in the correct inheritance model, if those other modules were implemented well. However, we need to identify if the module you integrated follows the inheritance model or not to answer your question. I can have 1 week free support if you purchase the module and we will adjust it in case the module cannot work with others (in case the impact module has been implemented in the correct way). Thanks,