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Technical name pos_retail
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0
Required Apps Point of Sale
Technical name pos_retail
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0
Required Apps Point of Sale


  • Supported large datas 100.000 each table products, customers ...(can up to 3 millions, contact US for supported to 3+ millions)
  • Tracking all actions of pos sessions
  • Daily report sale total by day, month
  • Z-Report by cashiers, by date input
  • Scan barcode of Lot serial number
  • Auto suggestion lot name with product selected
  • Quickly add partners, products and payment order
  • Sale suggestion for cashiers fast selling products
  • Re-directly odoo login of cashiers, waiters to POS screen
  • Note to order
  • Note to order line
  • Cashiers can preview/print receipt without payment
  • Booking, Delivery orders, sync ecommerce website order with pos
  • Create internal transfer between stock locations
  • Create purchase order
  • Create sale order
  • Cashiers, waiters can lock/unlock pos screen when leave shop, leave device use pos
  • Allow customers partial payment orders, and next times will come back and payment full
  • Display discount amount on order lines
  • Allow pos admin set limit of amount discount so cashier can set
  • Allow pos admin set many global discounts, and cashiers only choice discount
  • Cashiers can use multi currency for payment order
  • Link pos orders to manufacturing orders, auto manufacturing when product have quantity on hand out of stock
  • Print Voucher card to customer, scan voucher card
  • Customers credit card, sale credit (add fund) to customer. Allow customer use credit card
  • Customers wallet card, made journal keep money change when customer by, and use for next payment
  • Product screen operation, allow pos admin (cashiers) can edi/create new products
  • Loyalty/Reward program, allow admin set rule of loyalty plus point, and rule redeem point
  • Sync between pos sessions, all screen of pos sessions will sync and the same orders and orders detail
  • Products can sell viva pack/combo, allow admin set product is pack/combo (1 pack will have many products items)
  • Products can still at many pos category
  • Promotions program, allow cashiers can define many promotion for give gift ... to customers
  • Auto complete search filter when pos sessions input at search box
  • Allow pos admin re-config permissions rule of pos clients (hide/or dishide some function element pos screen)
  • Allow sync realtime between backend odoo with pos sessions (when backend change information of customers, products, pricelist ... pos sessions data will change the same)
  • Allow customers/cashiers can signature on receipt
  • Allow pos sessions (sellers) can return products viva scanner or manual choice
  • Cross selling
  • Validation delete/edit/close session/remove order/add new order ... on pos screen ....
  • Take away orders, allow cashiers save orders, and loads orders save before
  • Invoices screen management: help you can management invoices, register payment, add credit note....
  • Show invoice number, tin, customer information on receipt
  • POS orders management
  • Re-print receipt of old order
  • Allow return orders (return products) add credit note (covert to creadit card amount) for next use
  • Backend office create order and assigned to Shop
  • Sale price of price included taxes or not
  • Customer screen, show detail order of customer
  • Quickly add products, customers, payment ...
  • POS auto default customer
  • POS ticket setting font-size
  • Support keyboard event
  • Products filter multi branch stores
  • Products sequence on POS product screen

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Get demo here

Supported large datas limited 100.000 products, customers

  • The original Odoo POS is very slow if you have a large number of products, which is very time-consuming and unproductive.
  • Help cashiers fast open/reopen pos session (without loading times)
  • Remove cache button: Clean pos database and reinstall
  • It also scalable if you have a large number of orders and customers.
  • Immediately synchronize changes without reload
  • Adaptable with large number of records.
  • Auto sync betweem backend and all pos sessions (update products, customers ...) by backend admin 2 mode (offline/online)
  • When backend admin change products, customers... auto to sync all pos session online selling
  • If pos session offline, when sessions online back, all datas changed will sync automatic
  • We talked no json cache
  • We talked no xlsx, csv... cache
  • We talked no load background, keep POS work offline after first loading
  • We talked no long time start session (only need range 15 ~ 20 second within 1 million rows)
  • Work within small physical odoo system (1~2G RAM, 1 core CPU)

Module can supported to 5 millions each products, customers. Contact US if you need hight level

If Backend have import datas or have many change products, customers, click button for re-install database

Report analytic

Daily report sale analytic

Automate tracking all actions of your staff doing on pos

Sale analytic report by month, by sale persons, by shop locations

Daily Reports

Go to pos config and add report on sub-page Report

Support odoo mobile ios app (iphone and ipad). And web responsive. No support android app

  • When cashiers login done, this screen default on mobile, web mobile
  • Order, shopping cart screen
  • Customers screen
  • Payment screen
  • Products and categories screen
  • Receipt screen

Sale extra base on product core

POS on Ipad, tablet

Customers screen

Payment screen

Sort tables

  • Allow cashier sort by products, clients, invoices, pos orders, sale orders ....

Cash control

  • Allow cashier admin take money out, put money in, close balance
  • Allow cashier can End of session, Validate Closing & Posting Entries

Nothing pos orders loss

  • With this feature, Pos Retail, will save pos orders 100% of the times and you will never lose a single order again because sometimes pos orders may get lost due to internet bad wifi connections or by switching browser in POS or things like that.
  • by having this option cashiers may be able to backup current orders backend or to file so that orders may be easily restored in Pos again

Add logo for multi shop

  • Allow admin add logo on receipt/ticket each shops
  • If not set logo for pos config, auto get logo of company

Review receipt/ticket of customer before paid

  • Help cashier checking and monitoring order ticket before validate payment
  • On customer/payment screen, cashier can see order list detail

Security rules each cashiers

  • Allow cashier use numpad or not (checked=allowed)
  • Allow cashier change quantity or not (checked=allowed)
  • Allow cashier change discount or not (checked=allowed)
  • Allow cashier change price or not (checked=allowed)
  • Allow cashier add new order line or not (checked=allowed)
  • Allow cashier remove order line or not (checked=allowed)
  • Allow cashier add new order or not (checked=allowed)
  • Allow cashier remove order or not (checked=allowed)
  • Allow cashier add customer or not (checked=allowed)
  • Allow cashier payment order or not (checked=allowed)

Security rules on clients (customers) screen

  • Allow display/hide email, phone, mobile
  • Allow create/edit customers

Validation actions of cashiers

  • First you need go to Setting/Users: select user made to pos manager and input pos pass pin
  • Required manager approve, input pos pass pin when cashiers click Payment button
  • Required manager approve, input pos pass pin when cashiers click Remove order button
  • Required manager approve, input pos pass pin when cashiers click Change Qty lines
  • Required manager approve, input pos pass pin when cashiers click Change Disc lines
  • Required manager approve, input pos pass pin when cashiers click Change price lines
  • Required manager approve, input pos pass pin when cashiers click Change minus (+/-)
  • Required manager approve, input pos pass pin when cashiers click close session

Promotions program

  • Discount each amount total of order
  • Discount each category
  • Discount each quantities product
  • Buy pack/combo items discount some products
  • Buy pack/combo items free (give gift to customer) some products
  • Sale off products price each quantity
  • Discount each specical category
  • Discount lowest price
  • Multi by discount x (%)
  • Buy X free another items

Loyalty program

  • Allow cashier plus point to customers
  • Allow customers use point payment
  • Allow customers get gift
  • Allow customers set discount

Voucher program

  • Allow cashier admin create voucher and give to customers
  • Voucher code use discount on amount total order
  • Voucher can apply to specical customer or any customer (public/private voucher)
  • Vouchers have expired date. if expired date, could not use
  • When customers used voucher and made order, voucher auto change state to used
  • Cashiers admin can active/deactive voucher easy
  • 1 voucher can use many times
  • Allow cashier create voucher when customer refund
  • Voucher will use next payment of customer

Sale orders and Purchase orders

  • Allow cashier create sale orders / quotations
  • Allow cashier create purchase orders

Accounting / Invoices configuration

  • Allow cashiers manager invoices
  • Allow cashiers modify taxes of lines (add/remove)
  • Allow cashiers add credit amount to customers
  • Allow payment with multi currencies
  • Allow cashiers send email invocie to customers
  • Allow auto register payment when made order to invoice
  • Allow cashier change invoice journal of pos orders
  • Auto detect fiscal position of customers
  • Show taxes amount of order lines


  • Allow admin approve discounts set by cashiers
  • Allow admin define discounts use on pos
  • Allow cashiers set discounts on total amount order
  • Allow cashiers set discounts each lines

Multi warehouses, multi locations, internal transfer

  • Allow cashier manager stock hand multi locations
  • Allow cashier made orders with multi locations stock
  • Allow cashier made internal transfer between locations
  • Allow cashier admin update stock on hand each locations

Quickyly actions

  • Help cashiers fast payments, review daily report ....
  • Allow switch product kanban view and list view
  • Allow one click payment full order
  • Allow fast add new customers
  • Allow fast add new pos category
  • Allow fast add new product
  • Allow lock screen and unlock viva pos pin
  • Allow print bill of current order still on screen
  • Allow remove orders blanks lines

POS orders management

  • Management pos orders on pos screen
  • Allow return orders or return some products of order
  • Allow customers or cashiers note on orders
  • Allow customers signature on order (payment with credit/master card)
  • Allow set multi variant on lines
  • Allow set guest number on order

Products operation screen

  • Management all products
  • Cashiers can change price, update quantity on hand
  • Cashiers can change barcode, default code ...
  • Display tooltip each products

Partial orders

  • Allow customers come shop and made partial payment
  • Later times, customers come back and partial payment order again or payment full

Login pos with pos security pin

Sale orders screen

Responsive on tablet (tested on ipad 3,4 ...)

Order (products) screen

Payment screen

Performance of sale person per by lines

Chat sessions, clients backend

All clients backend and all sessions can chat together

Fiscal position auto apply new taxes

Setup fiscal positions and taxes cover to new taxes
Add fiscal positions to pos config
When pos sessions change fiscal postions, old taxes will remove and applying new taxes

Multi currency payment

If your shop have many customers difference use currency (EUR,USD ....) and your company have difference with currency of customer. This function help you covert from currency of customer to your company currency and post to Journal

Customers credit card

Customers wallet card

Product multi category

Product multi category

1 product have multi category, on pos screen, clients can see product anywhere category have added on product before

Cross seeling

Setting product cross selling
Product have attribute cross selling active
Click and add extra products

Auto complete search customers, products, invoices, pos orders

Config permission (access rules) of pos clients

POS setting and config
Example : disable all functions
Example : disable all remove order, payment and select customer

Signature on order/receipt

Products Screen

Tax and fiscal position

Go to POS / Settings / Configs and checked to 3 fields
Tax showed on order lines
Tax show on receipt

Rounding amount total of order

Setting Payment method (journal)
Add order, will rounding on amount total order
Rounded on amount total order, made 999,99 to 1000
Receipt show rounded amount
Session show total amount rounded

Supported large datas of products, customers, invoices ...

Z-Report by cashiers, filter by date and by your pos clients

Quickly actions, help cashiers faster than for made order and payment

Multi client pos user can work only one device POS, many waiters sharing the same POS terminal (including the hardware, pos session, and pos config)

Support keyboard, change quantity, change price, payment ...

Sync between sesions

Sale quantity pack

Auto default customer

Scan barcode of Lot serial number

Sale price product filter by LOT of product

How to return orders, return products

Global discount, limit discount by cashiers.

Duplicate customers receipt

Sometime cashiers need to re-comment or suggestion some products to customers

When cashiers login odoo, auto redirect cashier to pos screen

Cashiers put cash money in and take money out

How delete pos order have state is paid or invoice

Fast search, auto complete search and suggestion items and click add items


  • Module very big, and support many futures for Point Of Sale
  • Support big products, customers, invoices, sale orders ... 100k, 200k rows or more
  • You will no need to by any modules of other developers, only by this module. You have all in one Futures
  • Only one install, only one payment and use forever for any devices, any systems, any databases
  • Always free upgrade new version (not include database migrate)
  • Always available 24/7 for support fix issues, bugs
  • Always free requests futures made module better than
  • Always free merge any ideas or your local modules to this module

Contact us for support, query, customization

Website | Write us My our modules |
Odoo Proprietary License v1.0

This software and associated files (the "Software") may only be used (executed,
modified, executed after modifications) if you have purchased a valid license
from the authors, typically via Odoo Apps, or if you have received a written
agreement from the authors of the Software (see the COPYRIGHT file).

You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library (typically
by depending on it, importing it and using its resources), but without copying
any source code or material from the Software. You may distribute those
modules under the license of your choice, provided that this license is
compatible with the terms of the Odoo Proprietary License (For example:
LGPL, MIT, or proprietary licenses similar to this one).

It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
or modified copies of the Software.

The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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Great Support
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Dear Amitendra On top this page have button Live Preview click and go to link http://posodoo.com/web/signup for signup demo Thanks

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