MRP Substitute Products

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Technical name mrp_substitute_products
Required Apps Manufacturing (mrp)
Inventory (stock)
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MRP Substitute Product


Sometimes we do have products available, required in Bill of material and we want to substitute the missing product with another available product to continue production order. Odoo doesn't have this feature. This module is designed to overcome this limitation of odoo. After installing this module you can substitute non available products with available products and continue the production order


  • Substitue missing product with available product

  • Substibute only some missing product quantities with another available substitute's product quantities

  • Keep your production order going with severail available substitutes

  • Freedom to choose quantities used from substitute and main product

  • Freedom to choose quantities used from several substitutes and main product

  • See realtime available quantities and reserved quantities

  • Reserver only availabile quantity for future production so that other production order does't use this quantity

  • Produce only when you have enough quantity available

  • Doesn't interfere with the workflow of previously created orders. They will run the same way they were running earlier


    Create BoM and define product substiutes


    This is how Production Order will look like on creation. (Text over image explains some more details)

    You can reserve all the products available and choose qty from substitutes to reserve (Text over image explains some more details)

    If you try to produce without proper qty reserved, Production order will raise a Warning (Text over image explains some more details)

Developed for Odoo by Brindsoft Technologies

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