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Technical name app_sale_superbar
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Sale App Super Sidebar for Advance Search with Parent Children Tree

!This moduld Do Need extra paid Apps Click to download.

Advance Search, Filter with Parent Children Tree.

Easy to navigator and browser any data. Support list, kanban, pivot, graph view.

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Key features:
  • Easy to make custom parent children tree for and data.
  • Easy to show custom parent children tree for tree, kanban, pivot, graph view.
  • Product navigate by category or type is ready. Click to download.
  • Account chart navigate by type is ready. Click to download.
  • Contacts navigate by company is ready. Click to download.
  • Sale order navigate by partner and channel is ready. Click to download.
  • Purchase order navigate by partner is ready. Click to download.
  • HR employee navigate by department is coming soon.
  • It is so easy to customize, you can use it in anywhere in odoo.


So Easy to navigator and search any data.

Product by category or type in kanban view

Use in product category.

Use in Account.

Use in Sale.

Use in purchase.

Use in contacts.


How to use! This app do need extra module. The price already included

1. Install zTree widget. Click to download.

2. Install app_web_superbar. Important! Reboot odoo after installed.

3. Easy use of superbar

Show superbar in list view.

Show superbar in kanban view.

Show superbar in pivot view.

Show superbar in graph view.

Click switch to show or hide superbar.

Click checkbox to set whether to show child nodes data.

Press Ctrl(Windows) / Cmd(Mac) to Select Multi Nodes

Set multi field to search or filter

Set super bar position, left or right.

4. If you want to customize, Use follow param to setup widget:

  • In search view xml, Write the <superbar> tag,
  • position: [left, right]
  • view_mode: [kanban,tree, pivot, graph view.]
  • parent_key: key field name of parent child relation. leave blank would auto set.
  • level: how many level to expend the tree for initialize. Default is 2
  • limit: how many record to show ztree. Default is 16
  • order: the field name to order by
  • domain: set the domain for data, eg: [[('is_company', '=', 1)]]

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