Product Auto Sku Code,rule,barcode by Category, Variants Supported

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Technical name app_product_auto_code
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0
Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Technical name app_product_auto_code
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0
Required Apps Inventory (stock)

App Product Auto Code by Category, Variants Supported

This module allows to associate a sequence to the product reference.
The reference (default code) is unique (SQL constraint) and required.
Support Product with or without Variants.

  • Auto Sequence or code for every product.
  • Auto Sequence or for every product variants, like product20171130-001.
  • Product code must be Unique.
  • Define different product type, each product type use own rule of sequence.
  • Quick access in sale , inventory, system menu.
  • Multi language support.
  • Setup default Auto Sequence for each product category.
  • Auto setup product attribute lik Sale/Purchase, Stockable/Consumable/Service, Stock Routes.
  • Auto generate barcode.
  • Drag to sort the Product sku show order.
  • Input category code to search category in many2one select list
  • Fix category complete name bug for i18n.
  • Add 'show_cat_name_short' in context to show short name of category.

Sample Rule: if we create on oct 2018

  • Finished Products: PF20181100001
  • Semi Products: PS20181100001
  • Raw Material: PR20181100001

Sepcial for variants. add [#00?]

  • Products with color[red]: PF20181100001#001
  • Products with color[blue]: PF20181100001#002
  • Products with color[white]: PF20181100001#003

Customize product unique code sequence in product category.

Define product code sequence in customize rule.

Get auto unique code for product series

Get auto unique code for product variants.

Set default product value in product category. Fast your data input

Multi Language Support

Drag to sort the Product sku show order.


Prior to installing this module, if you have any existing products you should ensure they already have a unique reference (or no reference) set.
Products with a empty default_code will automatically be assigned a code of "PN!" followed by the system id for that product.
Otherwise the setting of the unique constraint will fail and the module will fail to install.
Odoo product variants is very special.
When u create a product(not product template) with attribute, It would delete the first product, which have no attribute. So it's very normal that the first product variants begin wit ???-002.
And we make a rule that the product variants can only create after you create normal product template.

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