Sale only available products on Website

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Technical name website_sale_available
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Sale only available products on Website

Customers cannot order more products than available in stock

The module allows to see a quantity of available products on Website and it doesn't enable customers to order more than this quantity.

Go to Website → Shop and, for example, add to cart some kind of products.

In the section "My Cart" that appears you can see the "Available" column is added. This column shows the total quantity of products available in stock.

Once quantity of products will be greater than available in stock, the corresponding value in "Quantity" column will turn red and the "Process checkout" button will become inactive.

The final check is made right after clicking "Confirm" button in the "Shipping & Billing" page. It redirects customer back to My Cart if available quantity had been changed, while he was typing his address.

Tested on Odoo
11.0 community

Sale only available products on Website


  • Install this module in a usual way


  • Open the shop and choose any product
  • Click Add to cart
    • In the right column a quantity of available products displays
    • If there are no available products, the corresponding row is colored as red and you're not allowed to continue checkout process

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