Barcode scanner support for Stock Picking

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Technical name stock_picking_barcode
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Barcode scanner support for Stock Picking

The module allow you to process Pickings by barcode scanner via special page /barcode/web (the same as it was in odoo 8.0)

Click on Barcode Icon.

Scan a product barcode — quantity is increased.

It also works if you track your products by lots. E.g. if you have a product with lot "123456" and then scan it, the quantity will be increased (it works if you change a product lot from barcode interface too).

Moreover, you will be able to scan products, which are not displayed in /barcode/web. The latter will be added to the interface line automatically.

The module works for all Operation Types (Receipts, Internal Transfers, Delivery Orders, etc).

Tested on Odoo
11.0 community
Tested on Odoo
11.0 enterprise

Barcode scanner support for Stock Picking


  • Install this module in a usual way


  • This module does not require special configuration.


  • Open barcode scanning page
    • either click barcode icon at Inventory / Dashboard menu
    • or select some Stock Picking and click barcode icon there
  • Scan product barcode;
  • Quantity of scanned product is increased;

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