Product Discount Account Property

v 11.0 Third Party

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Technical name product_dis_account_property
Also available for v 10.0 v 9.0 v 8.0


This module used to generate sales and purchase discount entry.

*IMPORTANT*You need to configure property account for sales and purchase discount account.

Product Property Account

Product Property Account

You can configure Discount Income/Expense Account Property for common instead of product specific.

1. Login in as an 'Administration Settings' user and activate developer mode
2. Go to 'Settings->Technical->Parameters->Company Properties'
3. Serach disc for getting 2 property field : property_account_income_discount, property_account_expense_discount
4. Assigned common value with account.account,ID of account

Customer Invoice Discount Entry

Creating Customer invoice with discount percent value

1. Go to 'Accounting->Sales->Customer Invoices'
2. Creating invoice with discount value with lines.
3. Validate Invoice for generating sales entry and discount entry.

Customer Invoice Discount Entry

Invoice Discount Sales Entry

Validating Account Invoice

Discount Move
1. Go to 'Customer Invoices -> Discount Move'
2. Generated Accounting Entry with respect of sales account.

Invoice Discount Sales Entry

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