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Technical name pragtech_loan
Also available for v 10.0 v 9.0

Odoo Loan Management System

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Odoo Loan Management App

Loan Management App makes it very easy to manage loans. Our loan management app has all necessary functionalities of a loan system such as manage different types of loan, different calculation mode, borrowed & issued loans, loans with installment repayments with accounting entries, annual repayment, possibilities for entering special repayments and many more features.

Pragmatic Loan Management Features

  • System helps you to create customized loan periods
  • You can categorize type of loan and manage it
  • Loan types can be defined based on its calculation method (Flat and Reducing)
  • App allows you to compute installment based on amount, interest rate and period run time
  • App maintains all interest versions which company wants to define
  • It allows managing type of proof that company accepts and keep track
  • You can keep track of all installment received from a customer with accounting entry

Loan period interface

You can define different type of loan periods

Loan Proof

Configure different types of loan proof against a Loan

Loan type interface

Configure different type of loan

Loan Type Version

Define Loan types with different interest rates using loan type versions

Run Time Interface to compute EMI (Reducing)

Compute interest rate EMI based on Loan amount, interest rte and tenure

Loan Form

Define loan details

Loan Installments

Get details on loan installments

Loan Accounting Entry

Loan Cheque Details

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