POS Product Taxes

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Technical name pos_product_tax_mac5
Also available for v 10.0
Included Dependencies POS Workflow Base

POS Product Taxes

Specific Product Taxes for Point of Sale

New product taxes specific for POS transactions and these taxes will be separated from the backend taxes of Odoo.


Easy setup of POS product taxes

POS Product Taxes configuration is as easy as ABC. First configuration will be in Point of Sale > Configuration > Point of Sale. Select a POS that will use the new POS product taxes. Then enable the Use POS Product Tax. Include Tax in Price Display is used for POS product taxes with enabled Include in Price field. If the sale price is 60.00 and tax is 10% inclusive, then the display price will be 66.00 instead of 60.00.

Second configuration will be in Point of Sale > Orders > Products. Update the POS Customer Taxes and POS Vendor Taxes fields for all products available in POS.


This module is compatible and perfect with these modules:


Version 1.1:

  • [FEATURE] New configuration Include Tax in Price Display for taxes with enabled Included in Price


Email: macvillamar@live.com

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