Absolute Discounts in POS

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Technical name pos_orderline_absolute_discount
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Absolute Discounts in POS

Set absolute discount if the percentages are not convenient or just boring

Key features:
  • allows to operate with absolute discounts in POS directly
  • displays absolute discounts on payment receipt
  • shows the used discounts type in backend (order form)
  • displays absolute discounts in POS reports

How It Works

Go to Point of Sale → Configuration → Point of Sale and open POS configuration form. You can see new option Include Discount in Prices. If unchecked, new discounted price will be displayed under orderline, otherwise the absolute discount will be reduced from orderline price directly.

Disable "Include Discount in Prices"

Go to Point of Sale → Dashboard and open POS session. To activate the absolute discount mode, make a double-click on the Disc button. It changes color on blue and you can set absolute discount for orderline now.


Enable "Include Discount in Prices"

In this case the absolute discount is reduced from orderline price directly without adding new discounted price (it's similar to built-in percentage discount behavior).



If the absolute discount value is higher than product unit price, you will see the warning

POS Report

The absolute discounts are displayed in POS reports

Tested on Odoo
10.0 community
Tested on Odoo
10.0 enterprise

Absolute Discounts in POS


  • Install this module in a usual way


  • Go to Point of Sale menu
  • Open POS session
  • Add a product to order
  • Make a double-click on [Disc] button (The button turns color to blue)
  • Specify a discount value by using numpad
  • RESULT: see absolute discount for orderline

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