Sync POS orders across multiple sessions

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Technical name pos_multi_session
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Included Dependencies POS Longpolling
Sync Server for POS orders
Disable payments in POS

Sync POS orders across multiple sessions

E. g., create order in POS1, expand it in POS2, get payment in POS3.


Note. To use the module, you need to be sure that your odoo instance support longpolling, i.e. Instant Messaging works.

Open "Point of Sale → Configuration → Point of Sales" and create or open some Point of Sale record.

Set Multi-session value (create new one if need) and click the Save button to save your changes. Set the same Multi-session for other "Point of Sale", which should be synced.

Start POS session on all POSes:

  • login as user1 on computer1 ⇒ start session on POS1
  • login as user2 on computer2 ⇒ start session on POS2
  • etc

When you start to create order in POS1(user1) session, you can see how items are displayed in the synced session POS2(user2). Moreover, items added at the corresponding POS are marked as "added by POS1", "added by POS2" and etc.

The synced POS2(user2) session will be displayed as follows:

Sync POS orders across multiple sessions


  • Install this module in a usual way


To create a multi-session follow the steps:

  • Open menu [[ Point of Sale ]] >> Configuration >> Multi-session Settings
  • Click [Create]
  • Specify a name for multi-session in the Name field
  • Choose POSes you want to add in the multi-session. Their previous sessions have to be closed before adding.
  • Click [Save]

Domain switching

There is a rare case, when you need to clear browser data after installation: if you use this module on a website domain, which was previously used by another database with this module installed (e.g. was used by database1 and then the domain starts to handle another database2). In that case the browser data has to be cleaned on all devices before first use.

Modules compatibility

The pos_multi_session is compatible with all IT-Projects` modules. It may not be compatible with other third-party modules that add additional data to Order or Orderline js model. For such cases we provide developer instruction how to add compatibility (available in README.rst file).


Several POSes can't be opened in the same browser simultaneously. After completing previous paragraphs and adding at least two poses to a multi-session:

  • Open two or more POSes belonging to the multi-session
  • In the first POS add a product
  • In the opened POSes you will see the product in order list and underline note signifying that it was added by the first POS and the number of the order was changed from NEW to a number
  • In the second POS click on the orderline and click a number by using numpad to change quantity of that product
  • In opened POSes you will see the changed quantity of the product and information about the orderline was added by the first and changed by the second POSes

Same POS can be used on the different devices, but be sure you do not launch them simultaneously. You need to wait for the POS loading on one device before start it on the another. Otherwise you may lose an order data. Fix for the problem:

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