Disable payments in POS

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Technical name pos_disable_payment
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POS Disable Payment

Disable payments in POS

The module allows to disable payments in POS and in addition set up the following options:

  • Disable create order line
  • Disable removing non-empty order
  • Disable discount button
  • Disable edit price button
  • Disable decrease order line
  • Disable removing order line
  • Disable refunds
This could be useful when using POS only to get price of item by barcode. Also it could help to solve the problem related to the theft of money by staff members (e.g., the situation is possible when employee can print the bill, take money, then delete all lines and restart a new order on the same order).

To use go to Settings → Users section, open user edit form and move to "Point of Sale" tab.

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Disable payments in POS


  • Install this module in a usual way

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