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Amazon Odoo Connector

Odoo Amazon FBA Integration

Integrate & Manage your Amazon FBA operations from Odoo

Fulfillment By Amazon services aka FBA helps you to increase your online sales by giving you access to Amazon's world-class fulfilment resources, fast, free delivery options for your products, and trusted and acclaimed customer service. In this service, you can simply send your products to an Amazon fulfilment center, and Amazon will store your inventory, pick, pack & ship your orders across your country and provides outstanding customer services. When you join FBA, your offers become more visible and more competitive. In FBA services, Amazon stores your inventory and take care of shipping to your customers so it will be time saving process for you and you can focus on your business rather than warehouse and storage headaches. Moreover, Amazon takes care of customer support and returns for products that are sold on Amazon's marketplaces. Your products will be eligible for Free Delivery options available with Amazon. You can also easily send your products to Amazon's fulfillment centers using Amazon trained transporters who can pick up products from your doorstep. Please note that this module must requires to have our module to manage Amazon FBM ( Fulfillment by Merchant ) operations in your system. With our FBA connector module, you can manage Amazon's FBA services features in Odoo. Moreover this module can automate most of your FBA processes into Odoo without any kind of end user interaction and make you hassle free.

Current tagline for FBA processes is as below,

'You sell it, Amazon will ship it.'

With our module, this tagline will eventually become,

'You sell it, Amazon will ship it. Odoo will Manage it !'


FBA Navigation Dashboard

All in one screen for easily navigate to any data regarding your FBA operations

Our Amazing navigation dashboard is an overview of all of FBA operations at a glance. From the dashboard itself, you will be able to easily execute any operation for FBA or navigate to any useful data directly. By clicking on main menu 'Amazon', you will able to see beautiful dashboard containing all Amazon navigation menus in one screen. You will able to see no. of records at each box in red fonts. Clicking on each box will navigate you to respective screens.

FBA Sales Orders

Manage your FBA order separately with normal FBM orders

With our this module, you can view your FBA orders separately than FBM orders. Under the menu 'Amazon >> Sales >> Sales Orders (FBA)', you will able to see FBA sales order separated by Amazon Instances. Per each Amazon Instance, you can set FBA warehouse under the Amazon configuration screen.

FBA customer returns

Integrate & Process your FBA customer returns in Odoo

Once you import Customer Return Report (Manually at 'Amazon >> Reports >> Customer Return' menu and automatically via scheduled jobs) and process it, Odoo will automatically create Incoming Shipment inside the menu 'Amazon >> Sales >> Return Orders (FBA)'. Odoo will ease your job by automatically validating the Incoming Shipment for that customer return, process it, make credit note, validate it and even more keeping that invoice in 'Open' state. In order to automate the customer return process, you just need to set 2 options ' Auto Import FBA Customer Return Report' and 'Auto Process FBA Customer Returns ?' inside the Amazon settings screen.

In the seller you can see one tab Return Order Configuration, In which you can configure Reason & location. For example, if you configure Damage condition & Damange location then system will automatically move that products in damage location.

Manage FBA invoices & credit notes

You can see your all Amazon FBA and FBM invoices on the menu 'Amazon >> Invoice Details >> Invoices'. You can group those invoices by different instances and fiscal period for better and broad analysis. At the menu 'Amazon >> invoice details >> Credit Notes', you can see all refund you paid to your customers. Once you import customer return report (Manually at 'Amazon >> Reports >> Customer Return' menu and automatically via a scheduled job) and process it, Odoo will automatically create Incoming Shipment inside the menu 'Amazon >> Sales >> Return Orders (FBA)'. Odoo will even ease your job by automatically validate the incoming shipment for that customer return, process it, make credit note, validate it and Odoo will keep that invoice in 'Open' state. You can see all of those credit notes at the menu 'Amazon >> Invoice Details >> Credit Notes'. This menu contains Credit notes for both FBA and FBM orders. Even If this credit notes are in 'Open' state, you hardly need to adjust them manually whereas once settlement statement from Amazon runs in Odoo, that credit note will automatically set to 'Paid' state.

Email Amazon invoices to Customers

Your Amazon customers can get their invoices in Email automatically From Odoo. Per seller wise you can configure this option at Amazon settings. Once that scheduled job runs, automatically system will send invoice to particular customer via email. Upon successfully email sent, your invoice will marked as 'Sent'. You can find those 'Sent' invoices from Advance search at invoice list view.

Multi Channel Outbound Orders

Let FBA do the shipment of your Multichannel Orders to your Customers

Outbound orders management in Odoo gives you the scale of Amazon's world-class fulfillment network, so you can fulfill orders from your own or third-party ecommerce sites like Magento, Ebay, Rakuten etc. while lowering costs and freeing time and resources to focus on growing your business. For your outbound orders, you can manage following process in Odoo.

Select draft orders from other sales channels --> Prepare Outbound Orders --> Create/Update/Get/Cancel Fulfilment --> Update fulfilment status From Amazon

Switch Products from FBM to FBA

Your product can be either type of FBM (normal Amazon seller) or FBA. If you decide to send your certain goods to Amazon FBA warehouse, then it must be converted into the type of FBA. If you already have your product stated as FBM and now you want Amazon to send those goods to your customers then you have to switch your products from FBM to FBA. In order to do so, use the menu 'Amazon >> Products >> Switch Products', list your products per instance wise and convert them to FBA. You can do reverse operation in case of from FBA to FBM.

Inbound Shipment Plan & Inbound Shipments

Send your goods from Odoo to Amazon with Inbound Shipment Plan

An Inbound shipment plan is a virtual collection of products that you want to send to Amazon fulfillment centers. To create/view shipment plan, you can use the menu 'Amazon >> FBA >> Inbound >> Inbound Shipment Plan'. The first step in creating a shipping plan is to choose the products in your inventory that you want to ship to Amazon. So in Shipment plan, you can select the products you want to send to Amazon, including the quantity of each product. Once you list all the product and clicking on Create Shipment Plan button, Odoo will automatically submit products to Amazon and get response from Amazon with different Fulfillment centers to where you need to deliver your goods. Upon proper response from Amazon, status of your Shipment plan in Odoo will be changed to Shipment Plan Approved. Here it is important for you to remember that a single shipping plan may be broken into in multiple shipments based on fulfillment centers. You can manage partnered and non-partnered carrier options for FBA in Odoo.

Get/Print Package/Pallet labels for Inbound Shipment

Per each Inbound Shipment and your Shipping type wise you can print Package as well as Pallet lables from Odoo. If your Shipment is type of Small Parcel then you just need to get the package label. In case of Full truckload kind of Shipments, you need pallet label too. When your Inbound Shipment is in Working state, you will able to see the button Get Package Label in any Inbound Shipment. Clicking on that button, Pop up will open in which user can submit Package types and the Number of Boxes they want Amazon to provide labels. Clicking on Print Box Labels button will straight away request Amazon and get your package labels in Pdf format. That file will be added as an attachment inside respective Inbound Shipment. You can download those labels and stick them with your Shipment packages. To be able to send our Goods to Amazon FBA fulfillment center, it is essential to stick the labels with your packages and pallets.

Amazon Partnered / NonPartnered Carriers for your Inbound Shipments

In order to deliver your inventories to Amazon Fulfillment centers, you have 2 carrier options like Non-Amazon Partnered Carrier and Amazon Partnered Carrier. In first option, you will arrange carrier or shipment related stuffs yourself in order to deliver your goods to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. In second option, Amazon will responsible to pick your goods from you. Now to manage that carrier options in Odoo, you need to go to Transport Information Tab at any Inbound Shipments. At there you can select whether your Inbound shipment is of Amazon Partnered carrier or not. Based on Shipment type either Small parcel or Truck load, you can configure different parameters for Amazon Partnered Carrier.If you have selected Amazon Partnered carrier option for sending your goods then You can cancel that shipment up to 24 hours after approving the Shipment from Amazon.

Track Inbound Shipment Status

When you click on Check Status button on any Inbound Shipment, Odoo will check your goods status at Amazon and change the state in that inbound shipment respectively. Once Amazon scans and receives your items and marks them arrived in their system, in Odoo, your Inbound shipment's state will be changed as Closed. Automatically in Odoo, Fulfillment Location's inventory will be increased and goods will marked as transferred from Transit to Fulfillment Center warehouse and respective picking will be in Done state. If you don't want to check status of your inbound shipment Manually and let your Odoo system check that automatically at few amount of time then you need to select 'Auto Import FBA Inbound Shipment Item Status?' option in Amazon settings screen. In case of Amazon partially receives your goods and system checks the status, Odoo will create partially receive the goods at your Virtual Fulfillment Center location and create backorder for rest of the products for that respective picking.

Amazon Shipment Reports

Amazon Shipment Report provides comprehensive product-level details on shipped Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) customer orders including price, quantity, tracking numbers, and shipping info.Either automatically or manually for specific date periods, Odoo downloads shipment report from Amazon, process it and change the states of your FBA orders with tracking numbers respectively. You can manually download this report from the menu 'Amazon >> Reports >> FBA Shipments'. On given date, Odoo will submit the request for download report from Amazon. Once Amazon provides the shipment report, it will automatically created at attachments. Clicking on Process File button, will process respective pickings and as per FBA auto workflow settings, Odoo will change the status of your Amazon FBA Orders. For automatic process of Downloading and Processing the Shipment reports, we have given those options to be set at Amazon settings screen.

Amazon Settlement/Payment reports

Amazon provides the Settlement/Payment Reports to view information about your payments related to sales and operational activity for your Amazon account. Settlement reports provide a detailed breakdown of your account activity for a given settlement period. Settlement reports are generated regularly by amazon, and you can download them in Odoo from manually at menu 'Amazon >> Amazon <==> Odoo >> List settlement reports'. Clicking on Get Report List button, Odoo will download your settlement reports from Amazon for given date period. You can see all of your settlement reports from the menu 'Amazon >> Reports >> Settlement Statements'. Those all reports you can see per seller wise. Odoo will download your reports and after that status of those reports will be in Done state. It means, report has been processed from Amazon side but it has not yet updated in Odoo. By clicking on button Process Statement, in any unprocessed statement will automatically create the Amazon/Bank statement in Odoo and import all lines from the report file and set report state to Imported. In Imported state Reconcile Button will be visible, When user will click on Reconcile button system will Reconcile statement lines, Here, Important thing to note down is till all the statement lines are not reconciled with proper accounts, your Amazon bank statement user will not be able closed. Once all your statement lines will be properly reconciled, all of your related Amazon invoices will automatically marked as Paid.

FBA sales analysis Reports

With our beautiful analysis reports, you can wow your executive team with visual representations of your FBA Sales results, create a culture of daily accountability, visualize your entire FBA sale's health in one screen as well as save your valuable time by eliminating the need to aggregate and communicate raw data.

Effectively tracking FBA sales analytics allows companies to source data in the search for meaningful patterns that can drive their decisions for the future. This information should then be used to produce a clear sales analysis report that will help drive improvements in Amazon Sales optimisation. Producing a clear and in-depth FBA analysis report will help managers make better data-driven decisions moving forward. Using Odoo, the best BI interface available for producing a sales analysis report, managers will be able to determine what metrics are most important to them and effectively leverage this information for their company's growth.

Multiple fulfilment centers per warehouse

Per warehouse you can set multiple fulfillment centers in Odoo. In order to set them, go to 'Warehouse >> Configuration >> Warehouses' menu and open any warehouse. In the section, FBA fulfillment centers you can set multiple fulfillment centers per each warehouse. You can get those fulfillment center IDs from Amazon Website. You must need to set this configuration once you create your Amazon Seller and Instances. This configuration will only visible if your warehouse is type of FBA. Odoo uses this configuration for various purposes. For example, when process shipment reports, Amazon only gives fulfillment centers (from where your goods are delivered to your customers). So based on Fulfillment center IDs in Odoo, system finds the appropriate warehouse and set it in Odoo sales orders for FBA.

Automise major FBA operations in Odoo

Odoo'll do it for you. So you don't have to!

In order to save your time and avoiding the human mistakes, we given option to set following FBA processes automatically in Odoo. Because we very well know that mistakes can cost you thousands. You can configure them per each seller wise in Amazon Settings. Although it is not necessary to make these jobs automatic. You can run every job manually too.To view all automatic FBA scheduled jobs, you can click on Amazon Cron button in Amazon Navigation Dashboard.

  • Auto Send Invoice Via Email.
  • Auto Import Settlement Report.
  • Auto Process Settlement Report.
  • Auto Import FBA Pending Order.
  • Auto Import FBA Shipment Report.
  • Auto Process FBA Shipment Report.
  • Auto Check Canceled FBA Order in Amazon.
  • Auto Import FBA Customer Return Report.
  • Auto Process FBA Customer Returns.
  • Auto Import FBA Inbound Shipment Item Status
  • Auto Update Small Parcel Tracking.
  • Auto FBA Stock Import.
  • Auto Validate Amazon FBA Stock.

Auto Workflow separately for FBA

You can manage auto workflow settings specially for Amazon FBA per instance wise which will be separated from FBM auto workflow settings. For example, In FBA kind of orders while processing the Shipment Reports, if you want to create invoice or validate it automatically then you can set your prefered options over here. That configuration will be total different from your FBM auto workflow settings. In case if you want to set different invoice policy for both of your FBA and FBM orders, due to that we have given this option per instance wise. Generally FBA order's invoices will be created after delivery and FBM orders invoices creates before delivery. So for Same instance you can define different auto workflow settings by our this feature. In order to configure Auto workflow separately for FBA orders, you need to set it inside Amazon settings.

They loved this App and increased their revenue too!

Customer Testimonial

For every seller in Amazon, one of the main things to take care of, is Seller Rating, and we dare to say that after implementing Emipro's module to manage Amazon related stuffs in Odoo, it boosted our seller rating to new high ! System atomization is 'key' of this module. With no fuss, we were able to use this module, and due to that, we were able to deliver goods to our customer within given timeline, and update it's status to Odoo in no time! Next great think which impressed us, are many different types of reporting, which system generates based on Amazone data. It helped us a lot to take certain decisions, and due to that, we were able to achieve our sales target, and that really huge thing for sales team. We also had many other things to manage for our ERP, and Emipro Delivered that, with conventional. As we are managing our products with third party warehouse (TPW), with the solution of Emipro, we are now managing it with ease in Odoo, and our manual work (as well as ratio of error) came down to almost 0 ! Main USP of Emipro is what we figured out, is the knowledge of ERP, and the way they handle our project, is commendable. Nothing more to say for Emipro. They are simply 'The Best' !"

-- Andreas Uhlig, +49421595740, CEO, Andreas Uhlig GmbH & Co KG, Germany

We are working with Emipro since month of August 2015 and I am really impressed by their professionalism and commitment to our Odoo project. Specially they helped me to move my whole Amazon Sales including Amazon FBA to Odoo sucessfully. I have worked with quite some companies from abroad already, but Emipro is definitely one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with. They have got very good knowledge of all e-commerce related business processes and always know a solution for each and every problem we are facing in our current business process. But what I like most about them is that they are really thinking from our business perspective. They are looking with a critical eye at each customization we are requesting and are trying to understand the purpose behind it. Often they come up with a very easy solution which did not even require any customization at all. They know Odoo very well and that helps a lot! Emipro is a young committed team with an awesome attitude! They already became a very valuable source for our business and I can recommend them to everyone who wants to integrate Odoo for their Amazon business."

-- Jonas Tank, CEO, Ecom Brands GmbH, Germany

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Best team. Best support. When horror is comming... Emipro team solve your nightmares. Best support team.

I wish I could give a 10 star rating to Emipro...
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My experience with Dipesh and others at Emipro has been simply amazing. They helped me through the entire install process, modified the module for some customizations we made to our system and have been very easy to work with overall. Their proactive support is refreshing and their follow up is even better. I can't say enough good things about this company. I was helping consult on setting up an amazon business for a charity I volunteer with and this module was the most detailed, most flexible, and gave the most options to tailor it to their specific needs. You get what you pay for and this module is well worth the money. When I shop for any new modules I always look for Emipro first because I know I'll get the support I need if and when I need it.

Essential Module. Complete, powerful and fully functional
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This module is a must for all the Amazon Sellers, both FBM sellers and FBA sellers. Also the support from the Emipro team is awesome. They helped me install the module, and solved some issues in my configuration. 100% recommended, both, for all the included functionality and integration of the module, and for the support team, which helped throughout all the installation and setup process.