Multiple Websites - Adds multiple Portal/Proxy sites to your Odoo Website.

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Technical name pr1_multi_website

Multi Website - Multiple Websites, independent themes one database.

Main Company Website: Main Fictional Company Website

Sub Company Site about computers: Computer company site.

This module allows multiple websites to be hosted off one database. This specific module is the base module. It allows you to have a main company website and sub websites under the company website. e.g. This all runs from one datatabase.

Allows users to:

  • Add an infinite number of portal sites to their main website
  • Works off subdomain and full domain.
  • Websites can have their own unique theme
  • Websites can share/have their own Menus

IMPORTANT: There is a README! in the module folder that contains additional key setup information. - This MUST be read.

See full tutorial below. You will need to point subdomains/domains to your Odoo server URL. Alternativly for testing you can use our PR1 test domain if you are hosting locally on, this is You can also use your Linux/Windows hosts files to loop back to or your Odoo Server IP.

Other add on modules are available: here


This tutorial will guide you setting up the sites in the demo links above.

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