Sync restaurant orders

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Technical name pos_multi_session_restaurant
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Included Dependencies Sync Server for POS orders
POS Longpolling
Disable payments in POS
Sync POS orders across multiple sessions
POS restaurant base

Sync restaurant orders

Staff get order details immediately after waiter taps on tablet

John is a waiter. He serves new restaurant customer. He made few clicks on his iPad and switched to other customers while dishes are prepared at the kitchen...

Dishes were fine and customer decided to order something else. John is far from the table and another waiter Alice added item to the order...

All orders are passed through the cashier Bob. He registers payment on his terminal.

Key features:
  • Sync floors
  • Sync tables
  • Sync orders
  • Sync products
  • Sync notes
  • Sync guests
  • Sync customers
  • Sync orders via main or separate (e.g. local) server
  • Work in offline mode

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Sync POS orders across multiple sessions (restaurant extension)


  • Install this module in a usual way


After adding a POS into a multi-session, update its floor set, because it might be changed according to a multi-session floors

A floor can be added to a multi-session by two ways:

  • Via multi-session form:
    • Open [[ Point of Sale ]] >> Configuration >> Multi-session Settings
    • Click on necessary multi-session
    • Choose or add a new floor in the Restaurant Floors field
  • Default method: Add floor to POS belonging to necessary multi-session via [[ Point of Sale ]] >> Configuration >> Point of sale


  • Open two or more POSes belongs to the multi-session
  • In the first POS add a product
  • In both POSes you will see the product in order list and underline note signifying that it was added by the first POS. At this time the number of the order is being changed from NEW to a number
  • In the second POS click on the orderline and click a number by using numpad to change quantity of that product
  • In both POSes you will see the changed quantity of the product and information about the orderline was added by the first and changed by the second POSes

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