Order Reprinting In POS

Odoo 3
v 10.0 Third Party 1683
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Technical name order_reprinting_pos

POS Old Orders

Order Reprinting POS

Cybrosys Technologies , www.cybrosys.com

This module allows us to list the previous orders and take a printout of each order. A new button is added for this purpose. When we click on this button a new list will appear, which will show all the previous orders. Once we have validated an order, or created an invoice, the corresponding order will be updated in this list. We don't need to refresh the browser or close the session. It is also possible to search among the list with order reference.

By clicking on the 'Orders' button, we can see all orders list.

We can search orders by their reference. For each order, we can see a button 'Print'. By clicking on this button, we can see the details of that particular order.

The 'Print Receipt' button can be used to download this order in a pdf file.

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Screen in BLACK
by on

Sorry for my English grief. When installing the POS screen in Black, Odoo 10.0 (Community Version) - On Linux Mint 18.3 What can I do to solve it?

Not showing all orders
by on

I installed it and when I click on the tab for Orders I can see a list of orders and I scroll down but its not showing the latest orders. We started operating in Nov and I get orders up to around January but we are in February and those dont show up. I used the search feature and the orders dont show up either.

Prints blank page
by on

On clicking Print Receipt, it prints a blank page instead of the receipt.

Error on v10c
by on

POS not loading....please resolve this problem..

does not work in odoo 10. pos not loading. no error.
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