OpenEduCat ERP

Odoo 9
v 10.0 Third Party 225301
Download for 10.0 series
Technical name openeducat_erp
Also available for v 9.0 v 8.0 v 7.0
Included Dependencies Web OpenEduCat
OpenEduCat Support
OpenEduCat Core
OpenEduCat Fees
OpenEduCat Assignment
OpenEduCat Parent
OpenEduCat Attendance
OpenEduCat Activity
OpenEduCat Admission
OpenEduCat Facility
OpenEduCat Library
OpenEduCat Classroom
OpenEduCat Timetable
OpenEduCat Exam


One Stop Solution for Managing your Educational Institute

Based on best of class enterprise level architecture, OpenEduCat is ready to be used from local infrastructure to a highly scalable cloud environment.

Student Information At Your Click

A complete student management system which enables you to store all information related to students such as address, blood group, achievements and much more.

Easier Faculty Management

Faculty management system with integrated HR management system gives full control over information related to faculty like degree, skills and payroll.


Create admission register to initiate admission process. You can set fees details, time duration, maximum no. of application & other details. Applicant can apply for particular course, make fees payment & get admission.


Financial management part of OpenEduCat gives institutes managing their financial activities with support of various payment methodology and flexible payment management.

Manage Classrooms

Class Management System manages course, batch, class and division in various ways to simplify the educational structure.

Time Table

Managing time of faculties and students is the most important part for any institute and OpenEduCat helps in achieving the same, providing really user friendly interface to allocate time slots to faculties.


Day to day activities like attendance management can become a tedious task for any one, and OpenEduCat tried to eliminate it by collecting minimum data by automating population of other data.


Allocation and Informing students about assignments, assessing them and providing feedback in collaborative environment of OpenEduCat is just a matter of few clicks.


Integrated Library Management System help maintaining Book Management by controlling functions like book issue, receipt of books to students and faculties, trigger purchase quotation for books unavailable in the library and monitoring activities using barcode based library cards.


Organizing examination with support of various calculation methods like Average, CPA, CCE is now possible with OpenEduCat.


Workflow driven result generation of OpenEduCat makes sure that each result gets generated using a transparent process and at each state each change is being monitored and historized.


Event management system enable institute organize and inform students and faculties about the events with facility of sending RSVP.


To keep students and faculty members informed about all happening going around the campus is just a click away using the OpenEduCat’s news publishing.


Internal Blogging system provides intense information sharing across the institute using collaborative environment of OpenEduCat.


A user friendly dashboard providing overall information to students and faculties, make it easy for them to manage their schedule and work in efficient way.


Detailed reporting on all objects, providing information to institute about the performance of students and faculties help them setting right benchmark and expectations.

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não sei como fazer a instalação

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i want to show the openeducat on the menu, but i can't, help

Nice module for education academy
by on

It is very good module for small education academy and very best module!

Good contribution in community
by on

I have just tested the module, it seems to work well, thanks for keeping it in the community!

Great work
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Thank you very much guys. Keep doing the great work you are reputable of.

Super contribution in community
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Superb! Thanks for the contribution and making it reach to many people!

Excellent solution for my client's institute
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An excellent solution for my client's educational institute.Thank you guys!

Very Helpful Odoo App for Education institute
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I like this app very much, and it helped me a lot. its work fine.

Contact Support for any queries or questions.
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@Pais Razvan : Thank you for your feedback, you may contact our support on support [ at ] openeducat [ dot ] com for any issues you may have.

Inactive students
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Pro:Library module enterprise is working quite ok with a simple barcode scanner. Contra:Connot set the left students or the students which are graduated to be inactive (archive). When a student is created you will see in contacts only his name, not last name, not middle name.

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