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Technical name oi1_sale_quotrejection

Rejection of quotations

Reject a quotation with a reason and craete a new chance

This module starts from the quotation a wizard where you cancel the quotation with a reason. You can create a copy of the current quotation for a new where the old one is the origin.
  • You keep copies of quotations which are rejected by the customer
  • The quotations whithin the list of quotations are clean
  • You can follow the quotation proces and replay them, because each next quotation has a origin

Reject a quotation

  1. Go the a quotation which you want to reject.
  2. Start the wizard by pressing the button reject sale.
  3. Provide a reason of the rejection and check the option create a new quotation if you want to create a new one
  4. Press the submit button.
Press the sale reject button

Press the sale reject button

Fill in the reason and create a follow up quotation.JPG

Fill in the reason and create a follow up quotation

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