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Technical name import_logistic

Imports Logistics

This module is very useful for the users who are dealing with imports frequently. This module helps you to add landed costs (LC, TT) into product unit price.

1. After installing this module, you will be able to see import related fields on purchase quotation. To make the fields visible you will have to select Import from the dropdown menu as shown in the picture.

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As shown in the picture above, following terms are described below:

FX Rate: This is the foreign exchange rate at which the purchasing is being done.
Contract No: This is the Legal contract No. for imports.
LC Account: This is the account field in which you select the LC account to be hit for the transaction.
Unit Price FC: This shows the unit price calculated in foreign currency
Subtotal FC: This shows the subtotal in foreign currency
LC Cost: This field sum-up total Import/LC/ TT expenses other than purchase price of product, which finally becomes the part of cost.

2. To add landed costs to a purchase quotation, you have to create an LC, TT journal and check whether it is LC or TT on journal form as shown in the picture. If you donot check any of them then import relate fields will not appear on journal entry form.

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3. After creating a journal, just create a journal entry, select the targeted Purchase Order and add charges after selecting journal entry account as shown in the picture.

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4. After you pass the entry you will be able to see the costs added to the purchase order

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5. You also get a report which can be get easily by just selecting the period from the report wizard. You get the report in excel on your local disk which is ready to be seen or to be edited.

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You get the data like in the picture below.

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