Biometric Device Integration

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Technical name hr_zk_attendance

ZKteco model 'uFace 202': HR Biometric Device Integration

This Module Integrates Biometric Device With HR Attendance

Cybrosys Technologies

Ingrates biometric device(Face+Thumb) with HR attendance.
Option to keep the device attendance log in Odoo.
Option to clear the device attendance log from both device and Odoo.
Automating HR attendance.
Option to configure multiple devices.


Automation is an implementation factor for a successful ERP. With this module, HR attendance can automate by integrating Thumb / Face detection device with Odoo. We can configure a user both from thumbing device or Odoo employee form.

Biometric Device Configuration

Here you can configure your all devices with it's IP address and port number.

Download/Clear Device Attendance Log

After configuration, you can download your device attendance log into Odoo through 'Download' button.If the device is connected, then the Odoo will download all device attendance log. Otherwise, the Odoo will show you a warning message as follow.
You can also clear all attendance log from both Odoo and device via 'Clear' button. If the device is not connected it will show you a warning message as follow.

Biometric Device Attendance Log

Here you can see all device attendance log

HR Attendance

Here, Odoo automatically generates HR attendance log while downloading the device attendance.

Employee Configuration

You can update existing employees with the 'Device Id' which are the id in the biometric device. If there is no match with the biometric device id then system will automatically create corresponding employee.
Note:- This integration is only applicable for the the device ZKteco model 'uFace 202'
Please install zklib library (sudo pip install zklib)
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