Employee Vehicle Request

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Technical name employee_vehicle_request

Employee Vehicle Request

This Module Helps You To Manage Vehicle Requests From Employee

Cybrosys Technologies


Employee can request for any vehicle.
Checking availability of vehicles.
Validation for send request.
Validation for requested dates.
Advanced search view.


This module is used to manage vehicle requests from each employee. According to this module two employees can't request the same vehicle at same time. Because this module will check the vehicle availability. Also this module gives the validation for send request and requested dates.

Vehicle Request

Employee -> Vehicle Request -> Vehicle Request

☛ Here any employee can request available vehicle for a time period. He should mention the time period and purpose. Then he can send this request to hr manager. Here also module checking the availability of vehicle.


Here Hr Manager can approve the vehicle request. Or she can refuse the request. Also Employee can cancel this request from this stage before approval or rejection.

Validation Messages

☛ Requested Period Validation
☛Checking the availability of vehicle

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