Employee Self Service

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Technical name employee_self_service_odoo
Also available for v 11.0

Employee Self Service

This module allow your employee to have self service in Odoo.

Main Features:

- Allowing Employee to edit own employee information
- Allowing Employee to work on his/her Timesheets
- Allowing Employee to encode/enter timesheet Activities
- Allowing Employee to make attendances
- Allowing Employee to create and manage own leave request
- Allowing Employee to create/manage own expenses
- Allowing Employee to send maintanance requests
- Allowing Employee to see Payslips
- Allowing Employee to see own contracts
- Allowing Employee to see own projects
- Allowing Employee to work on his/her Tasks


  • Self Service
    • Calendar
    • Employee
      • Employee Details
    • Timesheet
      • My Timesheets
      • Detailed Activities
      • Attendences
    • Leave Request
      • Leaves Requests
    • Expenses
      • Expenses to Submit
    • Maintenance
      • Maintenance Requests
    • Payslip
      • Employee Payslip
      • Contracts
    • Projects
      • Projects
      • Tasks

Note: You can check detail screenshots below before buy and make sure it full fill your requirements. For support/configuration and adding new features you can contact us in future.


Employee can Edit Own Employee Details

Login with Employee

Allowed Edit/Update Own information.

Self Timesheet

Allowed employee to Create/Edit own Timesheets.

You can modify Start date end date from cart.

Self Attendences

Allowed Employee to do attendence.

Self Leave Requests

Allowed Employee to send leave request.

Self Maintenance Request

Allowed Employee to create maintenance request.

Self Timesheet Activities Enter Allow

Self Expenses Entery Allow

Self Expenses Entery Allow

Self Contract Allow

Self Payslips Allow

Self Projects Allow

Self Tasks Allow

Contact / Support

If you need any help or want more additional features,
you may contact us through e-mail at
Skype: mustufa_probuse

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