Edsys ERP - Complete School Administration Solution

v 10.0 Third Party 72
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Technical name edsys_all
Required Apps Inventory Management (stock)
Sales (sale)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sale & Purchase Vouchers (account_voucher)
Leave Management (hr_holidays)
Invoicing (account)
Accounting and Finance (account_accountant)
Website Builder (website)
Purchase Management (purchase)
Employee Directory (hr)
Included Dependencies

Edsys ERP

A complete School Administration Solution
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A complete ERP solution to integrate all systems for overall school administration! School management involves dealing with multiple aspects, including student data, transportation, library, staff management and inventory to name a few. Alienating systems causes a considerable amount of facts needed for problem solving to go unnoticed at critical times.

Our mission is to provide a free basic version of ERP software to all the schools for helping them unify all aspects of management and take smart decisions.

The unconventional design of Edsys ERP is crafted
keeping in mind the unique needs of educational institutes.

Our Key features

Paperless registration

Online payment

Student life cycle

Human resource management

Multi-platform availability...

Core Processes

Edsys ERP is intrinsically designed to streamline the process of student lifecycle management

Student Registration

Educational ERP is the one means of disposing the excruciating paper based enrollment strategies.

Student enquiry site denotes the initial step of the enlistment process. The guardians can apply for affirmation of their tyke by giving in all the relevant subtleties through the enquiry structure. The enquiry once gotten by the school experts is checked and approved for further activity.

Student Promotion

This utility is meant for promoting students to a new academic year. It contains the details of the students and the configured fee structure of the particular year there by giving a comprehensive overview of student profile and the adjacent fee structure. The color codes differentiate the status of the student promotion.

Student Strike off

As you can probably tell from the name of the feature it-self, it is meant to temporarily revoke the position of the child as the student of the school. Such cases may be fuelled by lack of attendance or long leaves from school for anonymous reasons. This process is utterly reversible and completely entitled to the school authorities.


Re-registration module deals with application for the next academic year. Parents can carry out the application procedure through re-registration portal and also pay the registration fees with the aid of this functionality.

Education Fee Management

For fast and efficient transactions, the fee management module is imparted with next level features. The users can carry out all online payments with ease. The scheme of account keeping is designed to improve the face of transaction reports.

Education Transfer Certificate

The TC function helps the outgoing students to digitally request for a TC on the school portal. A digitalized platform for carrying out this activity will enhance effectiveness and save on a lot of resources.

Human Resource Management

This feature covers the management of staff details which now rest over a centralized platform thanks to ERP. It helps in efficiently managing payroll and faculty calendar.

Inventory Management

It is easy to keep track of the inventory stocks the school harbors with a centralized system. It maintains transparency regarding the administrative dealings and prevents unnecessary wastage of school resources caused due to lack of information sharing between various departments.

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