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Technical name blue_reminders_project
Included Dependencies Reminders

Remind Yourself (or others).

Easily setup email reminders from within a task.

Reminders can be for yourself or others.

They can be setup to run once or periodically.

Send an end date or let them run forever.

Works in both Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo.


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Project Reminders


The module is installed through Odoo's App interface. It will automatically install Odoo dependencies not already installed, including Blue Stingray's Reminders app.

To use Project Reminders, your instance of Odoo must be able to send email. Create a system property with a key of 'email.reminder.from' with a value of who you want your reminder emails to appear from. You must have permissions on the email server to send as this user.


After installation, all users have access to the Reminders application. If this is not what you want, you should restrict access in the security settings. The objects involved are blue.reminder,, and blue.reminder.trigger.


Once the Reminders application is installed, you will see a reminders button in the main application window. Clicking this will bring up the Reminders list. With Project Reminders installed, though, you can access the Reminders from a tab when looking at an individual task. A reminder created under a task will also be visiable from the main reminders button in the main application window.

A reminder can belong to one or more tasks, or no task at all. This means that to delete a reminder, it must be done from the Reminders application. Deleting a reminder from a task only removes the link between the task and reminder.

From the Reminders documentation

Currently, the only type of reminder implemented is using email.

You can set the subject and the header. Adding users is done on the users tab. You user creating the reminder is added by default.

There are three type of Reminders:
  1. Reminder is sent only once. This is the default.
  2. Repeat forever. Change the Repeats to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Then choose a start date with no end date.
  3. Repeat until an end date. Same as repeat forever, but provide an End Date.

The Triggers tab lists the reminders that have been sent.

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