Manage / Edit Work Orders

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Technical name blue_manage_work_orders

Manage / Edit Work Orders

Edit, add, and delete work orders.

The Edit Work Orders module developed by Blue Stingray allows Manufacturing managers to create new work orders, edit existing work orders, and delete existing work order when the default system would typically not allow this.

Technical and Functional Support

Free bug fixes and email support for 30 days after purchase.

Blue Stingray wants your use of this module to be successful. We provide 30 days of free email support. We can be reached through our contact form or by email at

Installation and Configuration

1. Copy the files to your addons folder.

The first step is to move the blue_manage_work_orders module downloaded to the addons folder of your Odoo server. Your addons folder is a setting in your Odoo configuration file or passed as an option in your startup script. If you have ssh access to the server, scp or sftp should work to move the files from computer to computer.

2. Restart your Odoo instance.

After moving the files to your Odoo server, you need to restart Odoo. If your system is in production, we recommend you do the restart in a mainenance window. There is always a possibility of modules conflicting, so take precautions to reduce the amount of time your system in unavailable to your users.

The same method you normally use to restart Odoo is what you use here. Typical commands we have encountereed are:

# Using a service script on Linux
sudo service odoo-server restart

# Using Docker and Docker-Compose
docker-compose restart

3. Install The Module.

Once you have restarted your instance, you can navigate to the Apps screen within your Odoo instance and install the Manage Work Orders module. This will open up all of the feature for you to access.

That's it! Start using the new features!

Contact Blue Stingray

Reach out for Odoo implementation services.

Blue Stingray helps you improve your processes and your business with better software systems. We offer Odoo implementation services on Community and Enterprise for the full implementation life cycle of an ERP system. This include services such as system installation/configuration (on-site or cloud hosted), system maintenance, business analysis/requirements gathering, custom module development, support/training, data migration, and system cutover.

Manage Work Orders


The module is installed through Odoo's App interface. It will automatically install Odoo dependencies not already installed.


After installing the module, update the Settings in the Manufacturing module to "Manage production by work orders." This option can be found under Manufacturing Order > Routings & Planning.


Once a Manufacturing Order (MO) is created, you can create a Work Order (WO) and attach it to the MO. To do so, in the Manufacturing module, go to Operations > Work Orders and click create. Under the Miscellaneous tab of the new WO, enter the MO you ant the work order to attach to, along with other information.

Alternatively, you can start by creating a WO, then on the Miscellaneous tab, create a new MO.

Once a manufacturing order has a work order attached to it, then a tab will show on the top of the MO, giving quick access to current and new work orders for that MO.

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Is this like a webform where I can add the steps, machine, anotations and stuff like that? Does it compiles a PDF attachable to my MO? thanks!