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Automate calls transfers, logs and emails

Certified 5 399.00

Inspection and Service System
by CodUP
Leads, Opportunities, Phone Calls

Certified 118289

Discussions, Mailing Lists, News

Certified 182793

Send Invoices and Track Payments

Certified 131663

Hardware Driver for Barcode Scanners

Certified 549

Barcode Nomenclatures Setup

Certified 336

Hardware Driver for ESC/POS Printers and Cashdrawers

Certified 538

Connect the Web Client to Hardware Peripherals

Certified 407

Loyalty Program for the Point of Sale

Certified 665

Touchscreen Interface for Shops

Certified 47549

Restaurant extensions for the Point of Sale

Certified 588

Projects, Tasks

Certified 57674

Support, Bug Tracker, Helpdesk

Certified 26596