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Leads, Opportunities, Phone Calls

Certified 117636

Discussions, Mailing Lists, News

Certified 181497

Send Invoices and Track Payments

Certified 130617

Hardware Driver for Barcode Scanners

Certified 492

Barcode Nomenclatures Setup

Certified 184

Hardware Driver for ESC/POS Printers and Cashdrawers

Certified 482

Connect the Web Client to Hardware Peripherals

Certified 368

Loyalty Program for the Point of Sale

Certified 237

Touchscreen Interface for Shops

Certified 47007

Restaurant extensions for the Point of Sale

Certified 269

Projects, Tasks

Certified 57251

Support, Bug Tracker, Helpdesk

Certified 26388

Sticky notes, Collaborative, Memos

Certified 25010

Financial and Analytic Accounting

Certified 80679

Create surveys, collect answers and print statistics

Certified 27003

Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing

Certified 102596

Inventory, Logistic, Storage

Certified 115498

Live Chat, Talks with Others
by Unknown

Certified 1113

Manufacturing Orders, Bill of Materials, Routing

Certified 41534

Purchase Orders, Receipts, Supplier Invoices

Certified 79818